Friday, March 8, 2019

How are Medicinal tablets  small yet powerful?

You do not chew poisonous or medicinal drugs. You eat fruits which are food - they mainly have carbohydrates. They lack medicinal properties. That is the bias.
Fruits & plants will work in the same way. If you eat poisonous mushroom definitely you’ll die if amount become more. They are for supplying energy, vitamins, minerals, hunger etc. If you do not easy so much bulk, you’ll jump out of hunger.
In the same way, we do prescribe specific foods as like medicine for vitamin, mineral deficiencies. Amla fruit is as good as taking vitamin C tablets, indeed far superior.
Medicine tablets has specific mechanism of action. They have the active ingredient in pure form in fully weighed manner. After taking it, the tablet breaks down, ultimately get absorbed. The molecules are designed or selected not to get destroyed. It pass the Liver and goes to blood of whole body. From blood, it can go to the targeted tissues in higher concentration.
There are other stuffs in a tablet apart from the real medicine. 0.5 mg weight is just small, there many other stuffs which makes the tablets big. What will be mixed, how much will much will mixed, that depends on the drug and that is of Pharmacy’s part, not really ours at this era.
Of course there are medicines which work quite simply. One of the example is Digene. Another example isabgol husk. It is too costly matter to eat Digene, isabgol husk instead of normal foods. Special formula actually given instead of oral food for too much sick persons.
You can eat Digene out of hunger but that is not quite recommendable. Magnesium content is huge, you may have diarrhea after such odd Digene meal.

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